1. STAY TO SLEEP "Blow A Wish" ANR.040

  2. BALÄTE "El Quemadero" ANR.039

  3. HORIZON "The White Planet Patrol" ANR.038

  4. STAY TO SLEEP "Ethereal" ANR.037

  5. THE DRY MOUTHS "Lo-Fi Sounds For Hi-Fi People" ANR.036

  6. JULIANROSS "The Old Grey Mare" ANR.035

  7. THE DRY MOUTHS "Memories From Pines Bridge" ANR.034

  8. THE DRY MOUTHS "Element Palazzo" AN.033 SG

  9. WI BOUZ "The Art of the Earth" AN.032


  11. THE DRY MOUTHS "When The Water Smells Of Sweat" AN.030
    The Dry Mouths

  12. FUNGUS "Exodus" AN.029

  13. WI BOUZ "The Colours of the Sound" AN.028

  14. MINDSEEDS "Red Moon Punch" AN.027

  15. ÁRIDA "Despertar" AN.026

  16. ODDHUMS "The Inception" AN. 025

  17. TYRANO BANDERAS "Nightway" AN. 024

  18. SNAKE SISTER "Moult" AN.023

  19. HORIZON "Tales From Hydra Cluster" AN.022

  20. CELULA "Triangulaxia" AN.021

  21. ELEMENTO DESERTO "Santoral" AN.020

  22. V.V.A.A. "Amanece en AlmeríA" AN.019

  23. THE DRY MOUTHS / THE DUST BOWL - "Split" AN.018 SG 7"

  24. STORM OF TORMENT "Tormenta de Verano" AN.017

  25. WOOLLY MAMMOTH REBELLION "Glints/Gales" AN.016

  26. LOUDLY "Laguerraconstante" AN.015

  27. LA TABERNA DEL MUERTO "Rumbo al Infierno" AN.014

  28. SUPERFORTRESS "Julen" AN.013

  29. MOTHER GUN "Sweet Involution Theory" AN.012

  30. YOUNG "Raised in the 90s" AN.011

  31. MONTE TERROR "Monte Terror" AN.010

  32. CHARLY GANG "Raw" AN.009

  33. ROSY FINCH "Wolves Waiting" AN.008

  34. V.V.A.A. "Desert Sounds Vol.1" AN.007
    VVAA / Aneurisma Records "Desert Sounds" recop vol.1

  35. ALLFITS "Nada, Corre, Vuela" AN.006

  36. LA PARADE "Diez Mil Rostros" AN.005

  37. THE SHOOTERS "Planet Of The Black Sun" AN.004

  38. THE DRY MOUTHS "And Show Us" AN.003

  39. MOTHER GUN "Human" AN.002

  40. THE DRY MOUTHS "Moons True Delay Lenght Wah Foo Era" AN.001


Aneurisma Records Spain

ANEURISMA RECORDS es un sello independiente / colectivo de grupos Rock, Stouna, Psych, Hardcore y otras mierdas por el estilo. También nos gusta la mojama, las pijotas, los arenques y las anchoas. DIY

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